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Mind/Body Medicine Professionals

Why Become certified in Mind/Body Medicine?

What Is Mind/Body Medicine?

The NCCIH defines mind-body interventions as those practices that "employ a variety of techniques designed to facilitate the mind's capacity to affect bodily function and symptoms", and include guided imagery, guided meditation and forms of meditative praxis, hypnosis and hypnotherapy, as well as art therapy, ... To purchase a course click on the "paypal button" below the course. We will email you the username and password ​so you have access to the materials. You may click on the link below each course to learn more about them. 









Mind/Body Medicine Specialist  $299.00                       Holistic Group Fitness Instructor








  Mind/Body Exero Specialist $299.00                 Holistic Stress Management Consultant

                  Exero System                                                                            $299.00



The Stress Management Institute has the most comprehensive program for Mind/Body Medicine in the fitness industry today!  Please note that if you take the Mind/Body Medicine Specialist, Exero or Group Fitness Instructor course you are also a Holistic Stress Management Consultant. Each of our courses in blended with the primary Mind/Body Specialist course.  We combine our advanced Mind/Body Zone assessment™, and various modalities to enable you to work with the medical community. The fitness industry needs Mind/Body Medicine professionals  to work with individuals who have Adrenal Fatigue, Addison's Disease, Cushing's Disease, chronic illness such as cancer, caregivers, and everyone else who is trying to cope with stress. When you have the proper tools to work with this population you can also try to help prevent acute or chronic illness by referring a client to their doctor. 

In the field of medical fitness we need to work with clients within safe guidelines. Many times we tell clients to" just exercise" without a real understanding from a biological standpoint. The important question to ask is, am I doing more harm by putting a client through a rigorous exercise program? The answer is that you may be without realizing it. Clients who already have high cortisol levels and exercise at  high intensity are at risk of developing diseases such as Addison's Disease. .

Our comprehensive Functional Mind/Body Movement™ programs will teach you how to appropriately assess, classify, and prescribe exercise prescriptions for each client. .You must first have an  understanding of how each client may function under the stress response biologically before prescribing exercises that will work for that client. 

We are currently offering four tracts of study. The Mind/Body Medicine Specialist™ course is for certified personal trainers,  Our Holistic Mind/Body Group Fitness Instructor™ certification is for certified group fitness instructors and . The Mind/Body Medicine Consultant™ is for anyone who would like to become certified and implement our program into their services.