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 Stress Management Institute for Health and Fitness Professionals

                            Robyn Kade, B.A.,MBMS, pt








Robyn Kade is the Founder of The Stress Management Institute for Health and Fitness Professionals™  the Stress Management Institute Center for Longevity™ and INSPIRE World Fitness Summit/Retreat™. Robyn received her Bachelor’s Degree from Rowan University in Health Promotion and Fitness Management. She is an American Council on Exercise (ACE) personal trainer and group fitness instructor, received a certificate in PTSD through the Kew Training Academy and is a Compassion Fatigue Resiliency and Recovery – Educator.


Robyn is an industry expert for the MedFit Network and MedFit Education Foundation Advisory Board Member, an adjunct professor for Camden County College and Personal Training Advisory Board Member. She has taken the Mindfulness – Based Stress Reduction program (MBSR) through Jefferson University Hospital for Mindfulness. She has been in the fitness industry for 18 years in medical based fitness.


Robyn has been featured on the Looping Up Show with Rebecca Chalson and Business Innovators Radio show with Phil Faris.  She has written articles for Nou Magazine, Virtua hospital, and the Association of Fitness Studios. Robyn has presented at the camden County women’s Health Expo, Medical Fitness Tour and FitLife Club Network.


By working in the fitness industry, health and fitness professionals have the privilege of helping clients on a daily basis. When you take one of our specialty courses you are an important part of the healthcare continuum. On average 77% of individuals feel the physical, mental, and emotional symptoms of stress. Corporations spend approximately 3 billion a year on doctor visits and absenteeism.


The Stress Management Institute for Health and Fitness Professionals was developed to certify health and fitness professionals to instruct our stress management program R.E.L.A.X™ ( Restoring Energy Levels and Xhilaration). Students will learn how to create customized stress management programs using aromatherapy, Mindfulness Meditation, Reflective Meditation, the Mindful Stretch™ class and blending stress management with personal training. When you become certified you will either become a Mind/Body Medicine Specialist™, Holistic Group Fitness Instructor™ or a Holistic Stress Management Consultant™.

Robyn's Personal Story

Robyn Kade Founded the Stress Management Institute for personal and professional reasons. In 2006 Robyn had a personal experience with chronic stress for the next ten years. Her grandfather suddenly became ill and passed away three days later leaving her grandmother and family in shock. Within six months Robyn's grandmother was diagnosed with Dementia and Sundowners and Robyn became a co-caregiver at the age of 25. Her grandmother also had severe anxiety and problems with eating. She spent numerous nights in the hospital because she couldn't breathe. This situation was very stressful for Robyn and she chose to sleep a lot to escape. Eventually the stress became so  overwhelming that she needed to find healthy ways to cope since she was diagnosed with high blood pressure and Rosacea. Robyn used relaxation music to help her grandmother de-stress and one on one meditation for her mother as well as herself. It was at this point Robyn started to develop her courses. 


Robyn's vision is to bring her courses to as many fitness facilities as possible to help their members to better cope with stress. Professionally Robyn works with many individuals who have chronic stress and illness. She has been told many times that this program is a gift.